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Refund And Returns

Refund And Returns
We primarily sell consumable and intimate goods. To ensure your and other customers' rights, we only accept returns or exchanges for products with obvious quality issues (excluding minor packaging damage due to squeezing during transportation). Please carefully review the product description before placing an order. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our customer service team via Live Chat or email, and we will wholeheartedly assist you. If you have any doubts about the quality or usage of the products, please contact our customer service for professional guidance.

Change of Mind
Please carefully consider and confirm your choice before making a purchase. Once the transaction is complete, we do not accept order cancellations or refund requests based on your personal change of mind or other non-quality-related issues. Please ensure that you fully understand and agree to this term when placing an order. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Damages and Issues
Please inspect the goods upon receipt of your order. If the product is defective, damaged, or if you receive the wrong item, please contact us immediately so that we can assess and rectify the issue.

Please review these helpful tips to determine if your toy is malfunctioning:

For rechargeable toys:
Ensure the toy is fully charged; the charging process typically takes several hours.
To confirm the toy is charging, check if the power indicator light is flashing when connected to the charger. (If the light stays on continuously, it indicates the toy is fully charged.)
Ensure the power is turned on.
Try different power ports on the charger. (Sometimes, different ports may have different power outputs.) Avoid using fast-charging ports to prevent damage to the toy.
Hold down the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds to turn it on.

For battery-operated toys:
Ensure batteries are inserted correctly – this is the most common cause of malfunctions.
Make sure you are using the correct type of batteries.
Ensure the battery cover is securely closed, especially for waterproof products.
Consider trying new batteries.
Hold down the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds to turn it on.
Check the battery contacts; springs may sometimes compress – gently stretch them.
Check if the contacts are corroded; look for green residue on the metal of the battery contacts.

Physical Damage/Water Damage:
Your product may be within the warranty for defects and manufacturing faults but does not cover physical damage or water damage (for non-waterproof products). For example, if you accidentally drop a vibrator from a height, causing the battery cover to crack, it will not be covered by the warranty.

Similarly, if you use a non-waterproof toy in the shower, resulting in damage, it will not be covered by the warranty.


If, after the above checks, your toy still cannot be used, we are happy to assist you with a replacement. Please provide detailed information about your purchased product at lovegetus.hk@hotmail.com or on WhatsApp at +852 5978 3224.

For the return of defective products, unless otherwise stated, you must return the product along with the original packaging and invoice within 30 days of purchase.

Please note that all male masturbators, molds, and female realistic dildos, which do not require batteries or do not have built-in batteries, will not be eligible for return or exchange unless there is an obvious defect. We also ensure that we do not sell any products repackaged after previous use.

Normal return and exchange process:

1. Customer identifies the defect in the product.
2. Contact customer service via email or WhatsApp.
3. Provide video and photo evidence, and retain all original packaging.
4. We contact the manufacturer to identify the cause of the malfunction (this may take 2-3 business days).
5. If the return or exchange conditions are met, customer service will contact the customer immediately after receiving confirmation from the manufacturer.
6. Customer returns the defective product, ensuring all accessories are included.
7. The manufacturer analyzes the returned product for faults, confirming that the malfunction is not caused by human factors.
8. Refund or replacement with a new product is processed.
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